About Rarr Boudoir

Janyl Lineman, Janyl Nesbitt

Let’s start with a few definitions and fun facts!

Rarr: (adj) An exclamation used to express (often carnal) desire for, or approval of, something; usually used in regard to an attractive person. May be accompanied by a hand motion resembling a claw, like that of a jungle cat.

Boudoir Photography: a fun and fashionable experience that allows a woman to see her self in a new sexy way.  

  Why we do what we do:

Our all female team, at Rarr Boudoir, believes that every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way.  It’s our goal to help the everyday woman have the super model experience that she deserves. We want to capture the essence of a woman and celebrate her unique beauty, no matter what age, shape or size.  We believe in the confidence and excitement that this style of photography ignites so much that it is our passion to create a classy and romantic piece of art to be a constant reminder of the experience.

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Janyl - Company Owner/Lead Photographer/Designer. Graduated from Edinboro University of PA with a bachelors degree in Applied Media Arts concentrating in Photography.

Janyl Lineman, Janyl Nesbitt

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